Letters Never Sent

Three women, united by love and kinship, struggle to conform to the social norms of the times in which they lived. In 1931, Katherine Henderson leaves behind her small town in Kansas and the marriage proposal of a local boy to live on her own and work at the Sears & Roebuck glove counter in Chicago. There she meets Annie-a bold, outspoken feminist who challenges Katherine’s idea of who she thinks she is and what she thinks she wants in life. In 1997, Katherine’s daughter, Joan, travels to Lawrence, Kansas, to clean out her estranged mother’s house. In an old suitcase she finds a wooden box containing trinkets and a packet of sealed letters to a person identified only by a first initial. Joan reads the unsent letters and discovers a woman completely different from the aloof and unyielding mother of her youth-a woman who had loved deeply and lost that love to circumstances beyond her control. Now Joan just has to find the strength to use the healing power of empathy and forgiveness to live the life she’s always wanted to live.

Letters Never Sent: Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Lawrence, Kansas, 1957
KATHERINE WIPED HER hands on the thin cotton dishtowel and surveyed the kitchen. Everything seemed to be in order. There was little she hated more than to get up in the morning and have to do dishes or clean up from the night before. Satisfied, she hung the damp dishtowel on [...]

Letters Never Sent: Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Lawrence, Kansas, 1997
Joan set the letter carefully on the table and drew in a deep breath.

“Wow,” she breathed.

Joan searched her brain for who “A” could possibly have been. She couldn’t recall her mother talking about anyone whose name began with that letter, but still . . . She considered the stack of pictures. [...]

Chapter 2
Big Springs, Kansas, 1929
“Come on, Katie,” Jeannie wailed as she twisted and adjusted her dress. “Stop pouting and come help me. It’s my special day and you’re going to ruin it if you don’t come and help me.”

Without turning to look at her, Katherine nodded from her perch in the window seat. She [...]

Letters Never Sent: Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Lawrence, Kansas, 1997
The rambling Victorian house stood empty and still, a dark mass hunched forward against the illumination of the city. It was strange, Joan realized as she stared into the darkness, to see it and know that Katherine—her mother—wasn’t inside—strange and almost surreal. But, if she were honest, she could admit that [...]

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